Crittenden’s Insurance Reports deliver details on changes in the most active commercial insurance segments straight to your desktop, giving you the knowledge to stay ahead in this complex industry.

Every month our Insurance Reports identify trends and offer analysis that aid in understanding important changes in pricing, underwriting, endorsements, and the industry’s approach to specific classes and coverages.

Delivered weekly, our Insurance Reports focus on the most active segments in the eyes of our audience: Commercial Auto & Trucking, Medical Professional Liability, Workers’ Compensation & Cyber Security, and Hospital Liability. Each publication delves into industry developments as well as specific changes made by carriers, their movement into and out of these segments, and expected shifts in approach to coverages.


  • Medical Insurance Report

Our Medical Insurance Report addresses the everyday risks affecting physicians. The Medical Insurance Report offers industry-specific insight into the medical professional liability market. Covering public, private, and mutual carriers, this report paints a clearer picture of changes and trends affecting professional liability insurance segments, including physicians (private and employed), surgeons, nurses and nurse practitioners, anesthesiologists, and other personnel such as imaging technicians, podiatrists, and dentists. Our reporters constantly build and maintain relationships with industry insiders to access information others can’t, picking up on trends long before they are apparent.


  • Commercial Auto & Trucking Report

Our Commercial Auto & Trucking Report covers vehicular risks ranging from medical transportation and livery services to owner operators, motor carriers, and government fleets. This includes liability, physical damage and collision, property, personal injury, medical payments, and trucking-specific coverages such as motor truck cargo, motor truck general liability, and non-trucking liability.


  • Hospital Insurance Report

Our Hospital Insurance Report explores various liabilities arising from hospital operations, ranging from employed physicians and excess coverage to missed or delayed diagnosis, billing and licensing risks, and even cyber risks that include identity theft and ransomware. Our reporting also extends to sub segments such as standalone hospitals and multi-hospital networks, risk management, and D&O.


  • Work Comp & Cyber Insurance Report

Crittenden’s Work Comp & Cyber Insurance Report closely peers into the evolution of cyber liability coverage, which is now essential for nearly every account. Our analysis of this market includes liability and property coverage for risks related to the theft of personal information and the expenses associated with data breaches. Coverages can include business interruption, data loss/destruction, computer fraud, funds transfer loss, and cyber extortion. Our work comp coverage addresses today’s top risks in this ever-changing segment, such as discrimination, age and gender bias, and unpaid wages.

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