Let Crittenden’s Risk Reports help you take the first and most important step in risk management: identifying root causes.

Delivered weekly, our Risk Reports analyze cases important to understanding settlements, plaintiff strategies, and jury reactions to specific allegations across the commercial insurance landscape. Our reporting reaches nationwide to highlight a varying range of factors that lead to claims and recent settlements, and includes details not found in any other single publication.


  • Healthcare Risk Report

Our Healthcare Risk Report dives into the myriad of allegations that lead to claims in this industry’s litigious environment. Even a simple failure to follow up with a patient, if it leads to permanent disability, can lead to a nearly $50 million settlement. A fraudulent billing settlement can cost just as much. Other claims detailed in Healthcare Risk Report include medical negligence, delivery errors, violation of standards of care, failure to diagnose or act, surgical error, HIPPA and ADA violations, over-prescribing of drugs, and coverage denial.


  • Commercial Auto Risk Report

Our Commercial Auto Risk Report encompasses possible liabilities arising from ambulances, government entity vehicles, semi-trailer trucks, and other owned and hired autos. Root causes can include negligent hiring, supervision, or training, distracted driving, fatigue, and more. Uncommon risks revealed in Commercial Auto Risk Report have included a driver’s undisclosed medical condition, a child left behind on an out-of-service bus, and an insufficient warning of a stopped municipal vehicle. Every issue delivers the important details of the settlements reached from these incidents.


  • Work Comp & EPL Risk Report

Our Work Comp & EPL Risk Report addresses the everyday risks affecting any employer. Some of the top issues today include discrimination, age and gender bias, and unpaid wages. But big work comp and EPL settlements have arisen out of improper safety inspections, denial of workplace accommodation, improper classification and reclassification of employees, auto collisions, and even work-related stress. Each issue of Work Comp & EPL Risk Report looks nationally at both the most worrisome and often unnoticed root causes associated with employee claims.


  • Identity Theft & Cyber Security Risk Report

The settlements in Identity Theft & Cyber Security Risk Report underscore the fact that nearly any business can and will fall victim to some type of data-related crime. Holding data hostage has become a huge issue for the healthcare and financial industries, and the rapid evolution of attacks requires a constant focus on root cause analysis. Deception by imposters, phishing, and leaving technology unprotected can regularly lead to settlements well above $1 million.


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