With Crittenden’s Medical Insurance you will gain industry-specific insight into the evolution of medical professional liability. Nobody else reports on both public and private carriers with the same depth and frequency. Our long history of reporting on this particular segment means you’ll get analysis that can’t be provided by advertising-supported media — unencumbered industry assessments that will help you make the best decisions.

While Medical Insurance focuses on medical professional liability, we intently follow changes in the healthcare industry. Our reporters constantly build and maintain relationships to gain with industry insiders to access information others can’t, picking up on trends long before they are apparent.

Our coverage — and our Commercial Insurance Directory — reaches beyond professional liability and physicians. We report on changes to all coverages related to the business of healthcare, ranging from billing and other non-professional liability to D&O and property. Tie this to a wide-ranging list of classes that includes hospitals, physicians and surgeons, assisted living, allied health, and emerging healthcare models, and Crittenden’s Medical Insurance gives you the market intelligence to improve your decision making and bottom line.

To learn more, contact us via the contact form, at membership@crittendenresearch.com or by phone at (800) 421-3483.