Crittenden Retail Tenants details national and regional retailers’ expansion plans and offers a thorough overview of industry trends. Each issue of Crittenden Retail Tenants delivers industry insight on which retail tenants have the money to grow and those most likely to reach their goals. Articles include what it takes to make a deal, up-and-coming concepts to watch, and the states and regions targeted by the most aggressive chains.

We’ve covered this market for more than 25 years with a reporting staff that connects the dots, helped by insight from affiliate Crittenden publications covering commercial real estate lending, acquisition and development. We write about a wide variation of business types, from apparel stores to more than 20 types of restaurants.

Your Crittenden Retail Tenants report includes access to The Retail Tenants Directory–a consistently updated online resource that ensures that you have the most direct access to decision makers, and details of their ever-changing needs.

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