The Crittenden Retail Tenants Membership offers valuable insight into the constantly evolving retail and restaurant industry. With coverage on both a national and regional scope, we ensure to include all of the retailers you have in mind to fill your space.


What Is Included In Your Membership?

The Crittenden Retail Tenants Report: Includes various articles covering topics such as retailers’ expansion plans, what retailers are doing to compete with online shopping, and what other property owners are doing to develop their property. Additionally, you will find up-and-coming concepts to watch out for, as well as an analysis of a recent lease. Also included in the report is a supplemental list of the recently added and updated companies in the Retail Tenants Directory.

The Retail Tenants Directory: An online resource to provide you with contact information from our list of over 3,000 retailers. The directory is an easy-to-use system with a search function that allows you to filter out what you need in an instant. Search from different criteria including business type, property type, location, and square footage.

Our directory features over 60 business types to choose from including apparel and accessories, restaurants (broken down into multiple categories), banks and credit unions, as well as medical facilities such as urgent care and dentists. Each company listing includes target markets, favored property types, square footage requirements, preferred lease terms, co-brands and contacts.

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